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The Davo Show

The Davo Show

  Australia's funniest impersonator appearing at the Rec Club!    Tickets only $20pp 



Davo - Australia's funniest impersonator, is appearing as a multitude of hilarious characters including a special guest appearance as the TV comedy actor Mrs Brown from the hit TV show Mrs Brown's Boys.


Davo is undoubtedly Australia's most talented impersonator and now the most loved Mrs Brown as well.


Expect a show full of laughs as his array of comedic characterisations of the world's most famous superstars and of course, the legendary Mrs Brown, entertains you with his (and her) crazy antics and cheeky one liners.


Brendan O'Carroll's critically acclaimed TV sitcom Mrs Brown's Boys has become a must-watch since its TV launch and Davo's uncanny resemblance to the funny Mrs Brown is bound to cause fits of laughter amongst the audience.


A show not to be missed!